Donald Trump endorses individual rights in Michigan - Right Reality

Donald Trump endorses individual rights in Michigan

April 19, 2020

Donald Trump supported the protests in Michigan against the extension of the state emergency instituted by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Trump recognized that this action is government overreach over individual rights.

Whitmer stated that the extension would contain COV-19. However, it’s also worth noting that this is a tacit political play meant to boost Democratic support in a key battleground state for Trump.

Who is Gretchen Whitmer?

Donald Trump endorses individual rights in Michigan - Right Reality

As the current Democratic governor of Michigan, Whitmer received praise for acting early when the coronavirus hit Michigan. But her latest extension of the state of emergency goes too far; her reasoning might have less to do with human welfare and more to do with her wanting to galvanize Michigan behind the Democratic party as the 2020 election looms.

Why is the state emergency government overreach?

Mandating the continued restrictions on sectors related to gardening, carpentry, furniture, nurseries, and landscaping are inhibiting selective businesses. Other restrictions include prohibiting people from visiting neighbors and properties they might own.

Government oversight must be limited to keep it from dominating its people. A government with a hand in everything would also become unwieldy and inefficient. The role of the federal government is to maintain the welfare of its people and maximize people’s individual rights.

How does it infringe upon individual rights?

Business owners in the sectors targeted by Whitmer have lost the ability to earn their own living. People in Michigan have also lost the freedom to see their loved ones or travel to other properties unless big brother says it’s okay.

The onus on American politics is to permit individuals the pursuit of happiness and freedoms that don’t harm others. Along with the right to bear arms and the right to speak freely, these freedoms include property rights, which the state of emergency particularly violates. Disallowing individuals to move freely to properties for the sake of containing a virus is simply telling them they can’t visit properties they own.

The health of others can’t be dismissed. Yet individual rights grant us the freedom to make that choice for ourselves. Even if the restriction on property rights is justified under the current circumstances, it’s a dangerous precedent to allow the government the least bit of say over our private property.

After a lackluster stint in the Michigan Senate, Whitmer used her stage in the national spotlight as the Democratic respondent to Trump’s State of the Union Address to disparage Trump and the Republicans, while putting Democrats on the dais.

Donald Trump endorses individual rights in Michigan - Right Reality

“It’s pretty simple, Democrats are trying to make your healthcare better. Republicans in Washington are trying to take it away” said Whitmer during her speech.

It’s not a coincidence that the Democratic party chose the governor of a state where Trump unexpectedly beat Hillary Clinton by a narrow margin.

Whitmer’s aggressive posture towards Trump can be explained by the fact that she has nothing productive to stand on as a politician. She may still ignite support from Michigan Democrats after her Stalin-like state of emergency, but conservatives must rally behind Trump in this state when the general election comes around.

Donald Trump endorses individual rights in Michigan - Right Reality

Trump rally in Michigan?

Some say the protests in Michigan was an undercover Trump rally. Whether it was a Trump rally or not, it was a necessary bulwark response.

Trump won’t leave the people of Michigan hanging when it comes to their safety. Despite the browbeating, Trump has been quick to release the necessary funding to states in need.

But it’s disturbing that a politician in Whitmer’s position didn’t think this through.

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