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Trump Keeps a Steady Hand Over New Coronavirus Bill

April 23, 2020

President Trump kept the big picture in mind when he and Congress worked to pass the most recent funding bill for small businesses.

That big picture starts with the economy and maintaining the autonomy of the people who make it thrive. But Democrats could not help but exploit the politics; the bill would have been passed sooner if they had not held it hostage to their demands for local and states’ funds.

Trump and the Republican Senate did not give in to those demands.

Trump is expected to sign into law a new bill that will provide relief to small businesses. The multibillion emergency fund will also be for hospitals and expanded coronavirus testing.

Trump Keeps a Steady Hand Over New Coronavirus Bill - Right Reality

Kudos to Trump and the Republicans for designating the spending to what matters most: small businesses, hospitals, and testing for coronavirus.

This is a huge step towards bringing the American economy back to life.

Trump and the Republicans think economy while Democrats think politics.

The economy is the concern here. America will persevere through the coronavirus and that must start with getting Americans back to work; the activity of our farmers and small business owners is the natural way to stimulate the economy.

The Democrats sought more funding for states’ budgets in addition to the funding they are designated to receive for their hospitals and means to test for coronavirus.

The states clamoring the most for more funding were already in financial trouble before the coronavirus because of their politicians’ mismanagement. They also happen to be governed by one-party, Democratic machines: New York and Illinois.

Now they have their fingers crossed, hoping taxpayers will clean up their mistakes.

It is not a surprise, but the Democrat-controlled House tried to use the need for a new funding bill to piggyback policies meant to boost their own positions. Boosting states’ budgets without constraints would worsen the accountability that their politicians lack. It would also give credence to the stodgy Democratic machines who run those states. This would not be fair to hardworking taxpayers; to foot the bill for complacency.

As the 2020 election heats up, Democrats will use any hesitation to help the states as fire against Trump and the Republicans.

But Trump has helped the states by providing funding to healthcare, testing means, and small businesses, while not breaching the principle of limited government.

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